Conference Tracks

Materials Pavement and Structure Geotechnics Bridge Traffic and Planning Crosscutting

TRC Navigation


Traffic and Planning

Connected and self-driving cars (CV/AV)

Informatics and advanced control technology for connected and automated vehicles(CAV)

Advanced traffic signal control and cooperative intersection

Big data analysis and application in real-time traffic management and operations

Machine learning and artificial intelligence methods and their applications in transportation

Micro-travel and sharing economy in the new digital age

Green transportation energy and ecological driving management

Transportation emissions, environment and sustainability

Multi-mode integration and interoperability with transportation automation

Smart shared travel and logistics

Transportation policy, planning and management in the new era

Emerging activity-based/agent-based travel demand modeling framework

Sustainable and intelligent transportation system

Analysis and management of public transportation system

Future transportation and regional development

Driving behavior and human factors

Emergency evacuation and disaster response

Social behavior and transportation safety culture

Cyber-Physical Transportation System

Anything else related to traffic topics.



Advanced traffic information and control engineering

Vehicle operation engineering and transportation system management:

Transportation planning and policies:

Travel behaviors and activities