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Materials Pavement and Structure Geotechnics Bridge Traffic and Planning Crosscutting

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Experimental and constitutive modeling of subgrade and subbase geomaterials

Soil-structure interaction of tunnels and pipelines

Piled foundation for bridges and highways

Discrete element method (DEM) modeling of subgrade granular materials (e.g. ballast, mixtures of sand-tire rubber)

Geosynthetics and reinforcement of subgrade granular materials

Ground improvement and slope stabilization for transportation infrastructures

Stability of embankments for highways and high-speed trains

Climate change (e.g. freezing and thawing) effects on geomaterial properties

Numerical modeling of multi-layered construction processes for infrastructures

Dynamic vibration/earthquake/rainfall-induced failure of embankments/ transportation infrastructures

Any other topics related to subbase and subgrade geomaterials